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Sleep tight is a short horror experience in the style of a home invasionThe game uses pixelated graphics and low poly objects to create a retro look. This game was made within a few hours for fun. Enjoy!

You spend the weekend in your holiday home in Montana as usual when you watch the News about a local case of unsolved murders in a town nearby. Make sure the door is closed and rest well!


  • WASD - Move
  • Mouse - look
  • RMB - Zoom
  • Esc - Pause
  • E - Interact

Published 16 days ago
AuthorMegabyte Media
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Halloween, Horror, PSX, Psychological Horror, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Sleep Tight 32 Bit 52 MB
Sleep Tight 64 Bit 55 MB


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This game makes you feel isolated due to the environment and small house馃槄(I wouldn't mind living there)

Decent game!

Super su
Really great atmosphere which made it really creepy! I tried making friends with the killer but it didn't seem to work..

I want it to be longer tbh, but still Great game! 

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This game lacked hatred...(second game I played)

nice short little game.


this guy should pay people to play this game for wasting their time, it was so bad.

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Or you could just ignore it and find another game.

Good job!!! Liked it very much:) 

That's why I need a gun.

The house looks like half a house lol. Great game though.

how do i play the damn game

Did you download and extract it?


Download > right click > extract > open folder > run exe

Great short horror game..


Someone is sneaking in are house 馃槺馃槺


This really pushed a real fear, and I don't know how to feel! Good job! 

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This was an interesting short game!! I enjoyed it except I kept getting stuck in random spots (like literally stuck in a corner) and it is pretty dark. Thanks for making this game :)
To see my playthrough, I started Sleep Tight about 17 minutes in! 

Nice short game, The atmosphere felt great despite there not being much happening.

Played this in my latest video. It was game #1 of 3. Really enjoyed it. Playing off of something like a home invasion which is a fear everyone can relate to was a brilliant idea. Good stuff.


I Liked This Game It Has A Good Story To It But It Too DARK

Comments below clip;

So, you are finally sleepy and go to bed, only to be woken up in the middle of the night. Unlike me, the protagonist [for as far as I know], wakes up later on, coz he heard some sounds. I live in a land with many sliding doors, so I really dig those things.  Unless I missed something, I didn't encounter any jump-startles, and am happy for it. Given the limited space I could move in [in game], I didn't feel at ease at all, but that's because I'm 6'3" and in this land bang into way too may objects for comfort. The idea of hearing sounds and remain inactive enhances the atmo of discomfort. I liked playing it. Give it  shot, I'd say.

[Gameplay en espa帽ol minuto 4:50]

the game has been good. It would have been interesting to lengthen everything that was happening a little longer, but that's fine anyway.


game was pretty good but felt like it needed more

Really creepy game based around a real world fear. Great job. Keep it up! 


Liked this one a lot. Atmosphere is nice. Looking forward to your other projects. 

not bad

this game is great, i had some frame rate issues when i look at a certain places. keep up the good work! (3rd game)

Thanks for the feedback, I'll have a look at the issues

Confusing but not bad

Link: (3rd Game)

Was not a bad game! The house I would say is a tad too tight and dark, especially when one starts the game, it can be a bit confusing or disorienting at first. 

The concept of the game wasn't bad, and I did think the little eyes in the forest were pretty cool!

It was short and a sweet spoopy game!

game was alright but the ending needed more

Hey y'all this game is super good and I really enjoyed it. It was super short but also had some good moments. Also watch my video cause y'all are cute and stuff 

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Hi Megabyte, thanks so much for making this game. One of the things that I really liked about your game was the distribution of the small home, it was perfect! I was embarrassed to admit that the car moving scared me, now I麓m scared of cars!?! Aniiways, very short and nicely done with the ending, I cannot believe what happened there, I bet the character was narcoleptic 馃槦

Glad you enjoyed it ^^

It's was really different from other horror games I played and that's pretty nice. I would like to note that the doors are opening from the wrong side, maybe that's a bug?

Your game starts at 5:08


Hmm yes that's not how it's supposed to be for sure, thanks for the hint. I'll have a look at that later ^^

Well you weren't kidding about the short part, it was ok. I live streamed this with 2 other games, This game starts at about 19 minutes.

It was fun!

cool game. A lot of silly stuff happening.

Nice game


This game is a such a great concept. I love home invasion horror games and wish they were more common. I wish there was a little more to this game but it's absolutely great for the length that it is.

Good stuff.  I really wanted to barricade myself in the bathroom, but nooo, I had to go sit on the sofa instead...

Check out my video, needs to be a little longer :)

Little spooky and very nice. I would have loved to play this longer!

Ultra short game indeed. I'm looking forward to play more of your work! Game here: 

Please subscribe!

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, it was short and sweet, good work :)

Thanks appreciate it ^^

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