A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made within 3 days for a Game Jam, by one person.
Dreamland is a short first person horror game published on Itch.IO by MEGABYTEMEDIA.
I do not made most of the assets used in this game.

Right now it is unsure if i will continue the developement of this game, but it is very unlikely as I don't see any potential in this.

System requirements:

-A Windows based potato with atleast 100mb of free space.

AuthorMegabyte Media
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Horror, Low-poly, Short, Singleplayer, Voxel
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

PLEASE NOTE : This game only runs on windows based systems.

Choose between 32 and 64 bit based on your system. Download the .zip file and extract it with right-click>extract. Open the folder and double-click on the .exe file.


Dreamland Alpha 64-Bit.zip 26 MB


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What the hell did I just play!? lmao!

Nice game

it was a great game jump scare got me at the end but it was a really good game i hope that you will maybe extend the game a little bit maybe add multiple dreams it has a lot of potential it was the first game i played in the video  btw

Now that you mention it, I thought about a system with multiple dreams in the beginning, but time was really short in the game jam. Anyways, if you enjoyed this game, please consider checking out my newest game "Suffers" https://megabyte-media.itch.io/suffers
Please note: The game will be openly available in an hour (5pm CET)
You can try it out earlier with the following password : HgFg1224h1


ill make sure to check it ou

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this is a game with a lot of potential that was missed. it was a decent short game that could have been executed better but to the developer keep going and improving. I will be looking to see what you make in the future. 

Well thank‘s for making this entertaining video. As mentioned in the games description it was made for a game Jam, which means, I had a limited time frame. I‘m totally aware that it needs a lot of polishing, but personally I would rather start a new game than fix this to become a real game with a decent length and better horror effects, because of the limited time frame, I rushed it so much that the coding became messy and I had to replace everything with the Voxel objects (Voxel; the „Minecraft-Artstyle“) last minute. In the end it might not have become the game I was aiming at, but I‘m happy I got something done.

this was a great game! I don't really play horror genres but this had me spooked!

Means a lot to me!

Good game

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Thank you.

Great game! Absolutely loved this. Keep it up the work.

Thank you for making this

I like the game design and its pretty cool. But adding like atmospheric music is way better than just silence...

Thank‘s for playing, as mentioned in the game‘s description, it was made for a game Jam in a limited time frame, that‘s why it isn‘t polished enough. Currently I’m working on a bigger project. Good video btw ;)

I think this does have potential and I will inspire you to keep continuing on this amazing project.

Sorry, I might come back to this in the future but first I need to finish another project.


Wow! I`m not used to creators replying! Its nice to see that you still stick around

Sure, the game was released just yesterday. And it's important for me to get to know the playerbase ^^


Thanks for making this video!

I then proceeded to finish and it was fun. Thanks for the game

As soon as I saw the picture of the girl I pressed escape because I'm not so good with things of the horror genera.

No problem, all that matters is that you had fun :D


Honestly I really like the game. its sad to know that you are not planning to continue it. it has potencial. Well I hope to see more projects from you in the future.

btw if you are interested, here is my video:

Glad you enjoyed it! Great video and thanks for posting it here.

great game really short but i had fun

Thank you for making a video, glad you liked it.

Good Game. It needs some work, many details are raw and especially the ghost part, which I won't spoil for others. Overall spooky, deserves more time to work on and good luck! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback. I‘ll try and see how I can polish the game to be more detailed and spooky. I also definitely agree with the ghost part, it was rushed and the coding was messy at this point.